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Safety Recall - Tiger Eye Protector

We are no longer able to distribute or use the following Eye Protection. These have been recalled. Please see detail from the Department of Health & Social Care.

Tiger Eye Protector Product – Removal from the Supply Chain in respect of Covid-19 use

BSI at the request of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have carried out a test on Tiger Eye protective goggles and frames that originated from the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Programme (PIPP) Stock purchased in 2009.

The test has shown the product does not meet the current requirement for splash protection required in BSN 166 (including certain testing requirements documented in BSN 168). As a result, this product should not be used in a Covid-19 setting, and we are removing it from the supply chain.”

Product details
Tiger Medical Products: Protective Goggles and Frames
Product Codes PG0001 – F and PG0001-K
Barcode for frames: 6948548400224
NPC for Frames (BTP083 and BTP403) and Lenses (BTP097, BTP404 and BTP439)

To clarify, these are the goggles that were issued that come in 2 separate parts – frames and lenses.
We do have Visors available if required. Please contact emergencyppe@sefton.gov.uk  to exchange.

Many Thanks
Sarah Townley

12 May 2020

Sarah Townley
Sefton Council
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