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Building Services SLA renewal

We are again happy in 2018/19 to offer schools the opportunity to enter into a one year Service Level Agreement for the Management of Building Maintenance.

We are confident that our service will afford you peace of mind, confident in the knowledge that all of your day to day maintenance needs, including statutory compliance and safety checking, is in safe hands.

We have used our 40 years of experience of working with schools to tailor our offer to meet a school’s maintenance needs, providing a unique one stop service with your own assigned Maintenance Officer and access to a multi-disciplined team of construction professionals.

We are conscious of the budget pressures that schools continue to face but unfortunately it is necessary for us to apply a small increase in the level of our charges for 2018/19. The proposed increase of 2.7% is based on the Consumer Price Index.

The annual Service Level Agreements for 2018/19 are now available for you to purchase via this portal.

We also offer reduced level Service Level Agreements that can be tailored to your needs. Please contact us via this portal with your specific requirements should you wish to opt for a reduced level SLA.


If you wish to continue to use our services from 1st April 2018 then a new SLA, reduced SLA or compliance testing agreement needs to be purchased before that date to ensure continuity of service.

01 Feb 2018

Paul Aird
Property and Building Services
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