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School Improvement Team
The School Improvement Team is responsible for ensuring the Local Authority (LA) meets its statutory duties relating to:
  • schools causing concern (SCC);
  • statutory assessment including phonics check monitoring visits and moderation of EYFSP, end of KS1, KS2 teacher assessments; and,
  • acting as the Appropriate Body for the NQT induction process.

In addition to this, the core function of the School Standards and Effectiveness Advisers (SSEAs), External Associate Advisers and Intervention Officers will be to support those LA schools identified as having specific risk factors such as:
  • Ofsted judgement of requires improvement, serious weaknesses or special measures;
  • schools on the LA SCC Protocol;
  • schools expecting an imminent Ofsted inspection; and,
  • schools where the LA has identified an element of risk e.g. progress data, attendance, leadership, significant staffing changes etc.
  • Additionally, schools with a recently appointed Headteacher will also be offered mentoring / leadership support.

There will be no charge for schools receiving support through the above criteria and support will be differentiated according to need.

Support for all other schools may be purchased where capacity allows. Examples of support and training are contained within the “School Improvement Team Support for Schools” brochure and may include:
  • Pupil Performance Review;
  • Review of the School Improvement Plan;
  • Evaluation of the school’s Self Evaluation Summary;
  • Reviews of teaching (lesson observations, book scrutinies, data reviews);
  • Review of assessment and tracking processes;
  • Support for key appointments other than head teacher;
  • Pre- and post- Ofsted health check;
  • Headteacher Performance Management;
  • ASP Review;
  • Primary English and/or Mathematics support;
  • EYFSP support;
  • Secondary English support;
  • NQT Induction and support;
  • Review of School Website (Ofsted Compliant);
  • Programmes tailored to the school’s needs and agreed with the Headteacher.;
  • Facilitation/CPD for school clusters;
  • Staff training sessions (in-school or Centre based).
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Go Home Healthy - Talking Toolkit
17 Sep
The Health and Safety Executive have today launched a Talking Toolkit to help schools prevent work related stress. This is part of their Go Home Healthy campaign. Some schools have been working with the HSE's Stress team on a pilot exercise which is ongoing. If you need any further help in tackling work related stress in schools please do not hesitate to contact me - moira.greenwood@sefton.gov.uk Talking Toolkit to tackle work-related stress in schools The Health and Safety Executive’s Go Home Healthy campaign has launched a downloadable Talking Toolkit aimed at preventing work-related stress. In the last 12 months, over half a million working days were lost in secondary schools due to stress, depression or anxiety, which was caused or made worse by work. The Talking Toolkit is a simple, practical guide to help line managers in schools to have conversations about issues which may be causing work-related stress or issues which could become future causes if not managed properly. The toolkit has six templates for six different conversations as well as ideas and resources which your school can use to prevent stress. Download your printable Talking Toolkit at https://goo.gl/6YHUaZ http://www.hse.gov.uk/gohomehealthy/stress/education.htm
Change of address and admin support - Traded Services
10 Sep
Sefton Education Services - Traded Services Team Please note that I have moved to the Schools Education Services Team, Redgate Centre, Redgate, Formby L37 4EW. Joe Flatman tel. 0151 934 3579 and Sue Pooley tel. 0151 934 3591, will now be assisting me with the system. My number (0151 934 3304) will be transferred but until this is completed you can contact me on 0151 934 3351. Kind Regards Ann Lindsay
Sefton helps hundreds of families to access school uniform banks
10 Sep
Generous residents across Sefton have once again helped keep vital school uniform banks topped up with donations. This is the sixteenth year that Swops, Sefton’s school uniform bank scheme, has been running and it continues to go from strength to strength thanks to donations from people across the borough. Clothing items both old and new are accepted at Sefton run libraries and Town Halls throughout the year and are then distributed to families and children in need. Cllr Trish Hardy, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, said: “In a perfect world we would not need food banks or school uniform banks but, sadly, they are a necessity. “In the last academic year we helped over four hundred schoolchildren and their families get access to much needed uniforms, from shoes to summer dresses and shorts. “This scheme would not be able to continue without the support of our kind hearted residents. “Through their contribution we have been able to help those most in need and will continue to do so for as long as possible.” To donate to Sefton’s uniform bank please visit one of the local authority’s library buildings or a Sefton Town Hall. To access the scheme or for more information about uniform banks in Sefton please call 0151 934 3359.