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School Improvement Team
The School Improvement Team is responsible for ensuring the Local Authority (LA) meets its statutory duties relating to:
  • schools causing concern (SCC);
  • statutory assessment including phonics check monitoring visits and moderation of EYFSP, end of KS1, KS2 teacher assessments; and,
  • acting as the Appropriate Body for the NQT induction process.

In addition to this, the core function of the School Standards and Effectiveness Advisers (SSEAs), External Associate Advisers and Intervention Officers will be to support those LA schools identified as having specific risk factors such as:
  • Ofsted judgement of requires improvement, serious weaknesses or special measures;
  • schools on the LA SCC Protocol;
  • schools expecting an imminent Ofsted inspection; and,
  • schools where the LA has identified an element of risk e.g. progress data, attendance, leadership, significant staffing changes etc.
  • Additionally, schools with a recently appointed Headteacher will also be offered mentoring / leadership support.

There will be no charge for schools receiving support through the above criteria and support will be differentiated according to need.

Support for all other schools may be purchased where capacity allows. Examples of support and training are contained within the “School Improvement Team Support for Schools” brochure and may include:
  • Pupil Performance Review;
  • Review of the School Improvement Plan;
  • Evaluation of the school’s Self Evaluation Summary;
  • Reviews of teaching (lesson observations, book scrutinies, data reviews);
  • Review of assessment and tracking processes;
  • Support for key appointments other than head teacher;
  • Pre- and post- Ofsted health check;
  • Headteacher Performance Management;
  • ASP Review;
  • Primary English and/or Mathematics support;
  • EYFSP support;
  • Secondary English support;
  • NQT Induction and support;
  • Review of School Website (Ofsted Compliant);
  • Programmes tailored to the school’s needs and agreed with the Headteacher.;
  • Facilitation/CPD for school clusters;
  • Staff training sessions (in-school or Centre based).
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Sefton secures £244k to help migrant children get a better start in education
20 Jun
Sefton Council has been awarded £244,000 to help make sure migrant schoolchildren get a better start at early years education. The Controlling Migration funding will help to assist primary schools in the Local Authority increase their already impressive levels of educational support to migrant children who come to live in Sefton. Work is now well underway to launch a two year English Language Support project which will be rolled out to primary schools across the borough. Cllr Trish Hardy, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, said: “Sefton Council has a proven track record of being an incredibly welcoming borough for all and this project will further our efforts in making sure children from all backgrounds have the best start in life, learning equally with their friends and peers. “This project will assist our excellent primary schools in dealing with the increased pressure caused by recent migration. “We will be able to provide additional teachers and support to improve standards and outcomes for migrant children and their families in English. “This will help make sure migrant children get a much better start at school and prevent diversion of teaching support away from pupils in the wider community.” Further announcements about the English Language Support project will be made in due course.
Swim Safe heads to Sefton
20 Jun
Sefton Council is excited to introduce Merseyside’s first ever Swim Safe outdoor swimming sessions which are free-styling to Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre this summer. Swim Safe offers free outdoor swimming and water safety sessions for children aged 7 to 14. With 22 miles of coast in Sefton, it is so important for young people to understand the dangers of open water, and have the skills to stay safe in the water. Targeting children who are already able to swim 25 metres unaided, the Swim Safe programme is delivered by trained instructors and teaches essential skills and builds on pre-existing swimming abilities. Launched by Swim England and the RNLI, Swim Safe aims to ensure children have the right skills and mindset to ensure they don’t get into trouble in open water. As well as opening up to the public, Swim Safe is also inviting schools across the borough to attend and make sure students are educated about water safety. Cllr Ian Moncur, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “In somewhere like Sefton where we have such a vast coast line, water safety is so important. “Young people enjoy swimming outdoors, but swimming in the sea, rivers and lakes is very different to swimming in a pool. “I’m delighted that Sefton is holding Merseyside’s first Swim Safe sessions and strongly urge parents and carers to book a place for their children.” Swim Safe sessions will take place at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre on July 21, July 22, July 28 and July 29. Places are limited, to book a place visit www.swimsafe.org.uk
Sefton joins Women’s Aid to call for an end to World Cup related Domestic Violence
19 Jun
Sefton Council is backing the ‘Football United against Domestic Violence’ campaign by Women’s Aid to raise awareness of a rise in domestic abuse during the World Cup. Studies have found that incidents of domestic abuse rose by 38% when the England team lose when compared with the days that England did not play during a World Cup. Cllr Trish Hardy, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, said: “While we’re cheering on the Three Lions this month, we should not forget that there exists a small minority who use the tournament as an excuse to commit horrid acts of abuse. “In previous World Cups, cases of domestic violence rose by an average of 25 per cent after an England match, win, lose or draw. While the vast majority of fans are good natured and enjoy what is an incredible spectacle, there is a small minority who will become more violent and put others at risk during this time. “At Sefton we fully support Women’s Aid and their ‘Football United against Domestic Violence’ campaign, as we call upon the football community to sign a pledge to make a positive difference to raise awareness and reduce the amount of domestic abuse now and in the future.” Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, said: “Categorically, football does not cause domestic abuse, the behaviour and actions of abusers who exert power and control over their victims cause domestic abuse. “However, domestic abuse does not happen in a cultural vacuum. The sexist attitudes, chants and behaviour at football matches encourage an environment in which women are belittled and demeaned. “Together, we can send out the powerful message that domestic abuse is always unacceptable and that there is no place for violence in football whether on or off the pitch.” For more information about the Football United against Domestic Violence campaign visit www.womensaid.org.uk